ready Set GROW


ready Set GROW


Meeting you where you are.

Helping you gain strength and flexibility in a safe, inclusive, supportive environment.

Empowering you to take control of your physical health.

ready Set GROW offers prenatal and postpartum yoga, kids yoga and dance, childbirth education workshops, and more.

Specializing in private lessons in-home for late pregnancy/early postpartum women, group classes and workshops are also available and currently held at various studios in downtown Vancouver and Portland. Expect to see more group class offerings in the next 6 months or so.

ready Set GROW provides support for families by helping them not only develop strength and flexibility, but body awareness both during pregnancy for moms, and after baby arrives for the whole family. That awareness need not end when you leave class but can extend to your every day activities.

Another important part of ready Set GROWis community building (and having a whole lot of fun!). It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a tribe to feel supported. Not only does ready Set GROW offer knowledge and guidance in healing and healthy physical practices, but through group classes offers a meeting place (or places really) to find your tribe.

In addition to in-home private lessons, current group classes are Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum/Mommy and Me Yoga, and “Multitasking Mama Yoga” for moms who want a regular Vinyasa Yoga practice while their little one romps and plays (crawling up to 4 years). Kids yoga and dance, and classes for the whole family will be coming soon!


My Story

My Story

I was inspired to create ready Set GROW because I wanted to offer a range of services that was a bridge between the adult members in a family on their journey of becoming parents; and the innocence, joy and curiosity of childhood and growing up…because really they’re not so different.

We’re always growing, always changing, always developing more fully into the people we were meant to be.

I wanted to support women and mothers in late pregnancy and early postpartum because taking care of oneself empowers and enables the caregiver to provide the best care possible, a necessity often overlooked in the months prior to and directly following giving birth where the focus tends to become external and all about baby.

I’m a mother of two young children, a yoga instructor, a former professional dancer and choreographer, and a dance teacher.

My first pregnancy was difficult, my son had a number of very serious health issues as a baby, with lengthy hospital stays, and I lost my own mother to cancer the following year. Shortly after losing my mom, we cleaned out her condo in Sarasota, FL. and relocated to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to my partner’s parents.

I had spent my entire adult life visiting my mother in her condo in Sarasota and then lived with her intermittently over the last few years of her life to care for her when she was sick, all with my still breastfeeding, sick baby.

I was flying back and forth as my son’s doctors and therapists were in Philadelphia and my mother’s doctors (and life) were all in Sarasota.

During all of these difficult times, I found some balance, comfort, and a supportive community while teaching yoga at a studio in Philadelphia that focuses on family, called Mama’s Wellness Joint.

It inspired me to create a similar haven for mothers and their families here, but I will add dance classes, story-times, and other children’s programming.

About 5 months after relocating, I gave birth to our second child, a daughter, who is named (sort of) after my mother.




Daniele Strawmyre relocated in Fall of 2015 from Philadelphia, PA where she was a professional dancer, performer and choreographer for almost 20 years, running her own dance company, and performing locally and internationally. She earned her BFA in modern dance from the University of the Arts.

Throughout that time, teaching was always a large part of her life and career, with students that ranged in age from toddlers to older adults, beginners to advanced, and professional dancers.

Initially, yoga, as well as Pilates and her studies of Anatomy and Kinesiology, were just part of her constantly deepening knowledge of dance. She enjoyed teaching a fun and rigorous style of Vinyasa flow, as well as classic Pilates mat classes.

She developed a large following as people enjoyed her thoughtful classes, attention to detail, alignment, anatomy, and passion for promoting "body intelligence."

She inspired and guided her students in finding ways to access their joy through a more self-aware relationship with their bodies and a more fine-tuned mind-body connection.

Due to her experience in dance and other related forms of movement and Somatics, her teaching style is innovative and creative. Through her experience with various dance related injuries, her empathic and healing teaching has won over many, what she affectionately calls, “Yoga tentative” students.

She became moved to teach Prenatal Yoga specifically, during a six week intensive yoga teacher training while pregnant with her first child. She practiced and studied Ashtanga based Vinyasa Yoga 8 hours a day, 5 days a week while 6-8 months pregnant.

Practicing hours of Yoga every day within her ever-changing body was an eye-opening experience, one that changed her practice and her focus. As she navigated her changing body, finding ways to modify and transform her own practice, she became newly energized to help others enjoy their physical presence in the best way possible.

After giving birth to her son, she again was inspired to find flexibility and strength physically, mentally, and emotionally, in her practice and in her life. It was then, after another period of study/apprenticeship, she began teaching Postpartum Yoga.

Although she still enjoys teaching a nice juicy Vinyasa here and there, Daniele’s real passion is helping women access their burgeoning strength and new identity as caregiver and mother.


Daniele’s classes foster a sense of community, intuitive self-care, and openness and acceptance (embracing!) of change.

She is a registered Yoga teacher having received her training with Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia. She has also received training as a postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and breastfeeding support person through BAI (Birth Arts International); and has done basic and advanced teacher trainings in Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga and Yogaborn Childbirth Preparation classes through Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts.

She taught for two years at Mama’s Wellness Joint in Philadelphia, PA where her classes were very popular with both pregnant women and new mothers.

Daniele lives in North Portland with her partner Mike, their two children Colin and Donavyn, and their dog Lemmy. She is very happy to have landed here in the Pacific Northwest.