WEEKEND RECHARGE - For ALL Caregivers: A reprieve from the madness of obligation: Meditation. This gentle class is a welcome space of rest for the nervous system allowing for regeneration and resourcing of the wellspring within. The way we do one thing is the way we do everything, exploring this by relearning how to rest, rejuvenate and revive our inner wisdom. Floor based postures, soothing shapes and myofascial release utilizing gravity and a generous helping of props.

POSTPARTUM RECHARGE - For Birthing Parents: Take some time away from your new baby, fill your cup, and begin one of the most important practices of parenting, self care. A combination of restorative yoga, breath work, core/pelvic floor awareness and activation, stretching and strengthening of the chest, neck, and upper back, and ending with some myofascial release with tennis balls, this class offers new birth parents some much needed tension relief and LOTS OF REST.