BABY & US YOGA - See description under Postpartum.

BALLET FOR 2 - Help your little one explore the basics of ballet and develop gross motor skills in a fun, no-pressure class that will help them begin to learn about turn-taking, following direction, musicality and storytelling! Assist your tiny dancer in beginning ballet movement and imaginative play while nurturing a love of dance and classical music. Tip toe like fairies, leap like deer, gallop like horses, and float like butterflies! For children 18 months to 3 years, with caregiver.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT - A class designed to invigorate your toddler's senses with physical exploration and to develop a keener sense of body awareness. Movement games guide skipping, moving backwards, walking on tip toes, balances, twirling, leaping, crawling, rolling and wiggling. With the use of props and musical guidance, students learn to use their imaginations to help them experiment with physical invitations. For children 2-4 years old. *Parents are welcome to watch class from our viewing room through our 2 way mirror!

FAMILY, FUN, & FIT - Part circuit training, part dance party, this class is designed to give parents a great, well-rounded workout while kiddos play for the first half, with a fun "dance party" during the second half where everyone is invited to join in a (cardio-focused) dance that keeps the parent's heart rates up (and sneakily works on gross-motor development for the kiddos)!

FAMILY YOGA - A yoga class for the WHOLE FAMILY! A playful, open-ended class appropriate for any age, from babies to elementary age kids, teens, parents, grandparents; all are welcome! Classes will flow and change in the moment with our highly trained and experienced teachers effortlessly designing classes to the needs of the students present, and offering redirection when needed.

Meditation + Movement + Fun = A much needed, end-of-day reset. *This is an inclusive offering! **Children under 10 years old and anyone who needs additional support must attend with a parent, guardian, care provider or mentor.

KIDS CONTEMPORARY - Beginning with a warm up involving stretches and balances, students move into across-the-floor style movement exercises designed to develop their strength, coordination and creativity. Students begin to work on identifying their rights from their lefts, how to listen to musical timing, and how to kick, step, turn and jump with grace and pose. A short and simple piece of choreography is taught slowly each week to popular kid-friendly music - watch your child grow their love for dance! For children 3-5 years old. *Parents are welcome to watch class from our viewing room through our 2 way mirror!

STORY-TIME BALLET - This class will help children develop coordination and rhythm through imaginative movement with the help of props, children's books and graceful games. Ballet positions of First and Second are taught and dancers begin to build strength and body awareness through turns, jumps and curtsies. Students learn to memorize a short dance which incorporates dancing to the music of Swan Lake. For children 3-5 years old. *Parents are welcome to watch class from our viewing room through our 2 way mirror!


BRING ALL THE BABIES - See description under Postpartum.

BABY SIGN LANGUAGE 101 - See description under Postpartum.

HEALTHY SLEEP CLASS FOR CHILDREN - Participants will learn to better understand children’s nighttime and daytime sleep behaviors, and how to help develop healthy sleep habits for their children. This class is for parents of children between 6 months – 6 years old. View Available Dates

WILD FORCE KIDS YOGA (6 WEEK SERIES) - In this Star Wars inspired yoga class, students will learn bully prevention skills and connect with the life force in themselves, others, and objects in their environment. Light saber dueling will occur once the padawans have demonstrated self-control and sensitivity to the force. For children ages 6-12 years. View Available Dates