MA-MA MODERN DANCE - Another fun and unique class for parents! Created specifically for birth parents and their littles (babies & toddlers) directly addressing the tightness and pain that comes from lifting, chasing and caring for young children (while still healing from pregnancy and birth). In this class we will do simple movement phrases that focus on stretching the whole body while engaging core muscles and practicing proper breathing for a full body workout. Although this is an ALL LEVELS class and NO EXPERIENCE is required, it will provide an opportunity to exercise your brain (which let's be honest can feel a bit atrophied from the long sleepless nights and lack of adult conversation), and encourage a more full, mind/body connection.  We will start on the floor, with phrases based in the Bartenieff Fundamentals, activating pelvic floor and core, and then end with some standing and simple across the floor sequences that will get everyone's heart pumping with joy. Babies and kiddos can play or join in depending on their interest.


MULTITASKING MAMAS & PAPAS CoreFit - A Pilates based class for caregivers and their littles. Come get strong and fit while your kid(s) play with toys and get their wiggles out. Great for moms, dads, grandmas, nannies, etc. with babies and toddlers (up to about 4 yrs old). Stay after for one of our kid's dance classes and watch them shake their groove thang or grab a coffee a half a block away at our fave Portland coffee shop, Extracto Coffee!

MULTI-TASKING MAMAS & PAPAS YOGA - Have you tried to practice at home only to have your toddler climb all over you and bring everything to a screeching halt? Has your child started crawling or otherwise outgrown all of the “baby and me” Yoga classes? Are you on to baby number 2 or 3 and just can’t seem to find the time to practice? Well, then this class is for you! I can’t guarantee your kiddos won’t climb all over you, but you will be guided through a nice, juicy and moderately-paced Vinyasa class while your kiddo(s) can play and let loose with other little ones. It's a little Zen and a little "Lord of the Flies". Generally, when there are lots of kids in the room, they start to be more interested in each other, leaving parents a little reprieve. Think yoga class meets play-date. Children are always welcome to practice with parents (all caregivers welcome), but they’re also welcome to stay true to their free-wheelin, curious and energy filled nature and just PLAY.