I was inspired to create ready Set GROW because I wanted to offer a range of services that was a bridge between the adult members in a family on their journey of becoming parents; and the innocence, joy and curiosity of childhood and growing up…because really they’re not so different.

We’re always growing, always changing, always developing more fully into the people we were meant to be.

I wanted to support women and mothers in late pregnancy and early postpartum because taking care of oneself empowers and enables the caregiver to provide the best care possible, a necessity often overlooked in the months prior to and directly following giving birth where the focus tends to become external and all about baby.

I’m a mother of two young children, a yoga instructor, a former professional dancer and choreographer, and a dance teacher.

My first pregnancy was difficult, my son had a number of very serious health issues as a baby, with lengthy hospital stays, and I lost my own mother to cancer the following year. Shortly after losing my mom, we cleaned out her condo in Sarasota, FL. and relocated to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to my partner’s parents.

I had spent my entire adult life visiting my mother in her condo in Sarasota and then lived with her intermittently over the last few years of her life to care for her when she was sick, all with my still breastfeeding, sick baby.

I was flying back and forth as my son’s doctors and therapists were in Philadelphia and my mother’s doctors (and life) were all in Sarasota.

During all of these difficult times, I found some balance, comfort, and a supportive community while teaching yoga at a studio in Philadelphia that focuses on family, called Mama’s Wellness Joint.

It inspired me to create a similar haven for mothers and their families here, but I will add dance classes, story-times, and other children’s programming.

About 5 months after relocating, I gave birth to our second child, a daughter, who is named (sort of) after my mother.