Growing up as a transracial adoptee and later reuniting with my Korean birth family has inspired me to focus on working with families - holding positive healing spaces and building supportive community bonds among parents and children. It takes a village!

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On working with parents: I love to inspire and remind people of their worth and their work while acknowledging their need to be heard as individuals in a collective experience...I don’t know of anyone that embodies this delicate balance more than parents. My goal is to teach with commitment and perseverance to the highest good in us all, encouraging everyone in my path to remember their own worth and purpose. Also, to encourage those with the charge of supporting children to give themselves a break...because we’re all just doing our best and parenting is HARD.

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I had the most magical prenatal yoga experience during my pregnancy that it inspired me to get  my prenatal yoga certification. I want to give the same kind of assistance and loving presence that I received to my students.  I strive to create a community where new mothers feel safe and supported through their pregnancies and postpartum.

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I am inspired to teach dance to children and their families because I believe dance to be a healing movement phenomenon. Dance has the power to move people out of their "funk", renew their energy and process their emotions in a way that no other activity can. Time and time again I see students and parents transformed after just 30 mins of dance, leaving with smiles on their faces and more kindness in their hearts.

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As a birth doula, prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, Megan loves offering classes that support these unique life stages. With intentional movement, her classes encourage curiosity about one's experience in their body in that moment.

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DEBRA JABLONSKI, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech-Language Pathologist

When my son was misdiagnosed as a toddler, I was a mom who didn't know where to find the help I needed. So, I went back to school when my boys were 2 and 4 and got a new degree and dedicated myself to helping families not feel quite as lost as I did. There are resources and there is support, we just have to connect the people who need it to the right resources. I do this work because it literally fills my heart with joy when I can help not just a child but a family feel a little more empowered in their own path because I know how it feels to not have that path be an easy one.

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MEGAN KNIGHT, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech-Language Pathologist

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