Prenatal 6-Week Series

Fridays 6:30-8:30pm *February 16th- March 23rd

Zenana Center for Wellbeing

These classes will build on each other, incorporating childbirth education and more personal attention and guidance as we get to know each other over the 6 weeks. Handouts, resource guides, and individual support via email and phone throughout the 6 weeks in addition to breathing exercises (Pranayama), poses and exercises (Asana) all specifically designed to help with pregnancy related discomforts, prepare you mentally and physically for labor and delivery, and to help you have the most successful, empowered birth experience possible.

"Pretty fast progression during labor thanks to my vocalizations! The nurses were all super impressed! Thanks to my yoga instructor"  -Christina Trautman, former workshop and brand new mama!

$210 for the series