Empowered Birth


partners welcome!

**Vancouver-Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm *November 13th through December 18th         

Vancouver Wellness Studio

A comprehensive 6 week series, classes will build on each other, incorporating childbirth education and personal attention and guidance. Informative and useful handouts, confidence and relationship-building as well as educational activities, resource guides, and individual support via email, phone and video throughout the 6 weeks is included. We'll practice breathing techniques (Pranayama), poses and exercises (Asana), and vocalizations all specifically designed to help with pregnancy related discomforts, prepare you mentally and physically for childbirth, providing tools and skills that you can utilize during labor and delivery to help you have the most empowered birth experience possible. We will also work on preparing for parenthood, with all of the information and resources parents wish they'd had access to BEFORE coming home with their brand new babe.

$210 for the series. All current class card holders receive 15% off enrollment ($30 savings)!


"Thank you so much for all your support through the prenatal yoga workshop. I had about 18 hours of labor. No meds! Lots of breathing! (Love the thread breath and candle breath!) And lots of sounding. I felt empowered and prepared thanks to you!"                                                                                                              -Lindsey Garcia, former workshop participant and new mama

"Pretty fast progression during labor thanks to my vocalizations! The nurses were all super impressed! Thanks to my yoga instructor"
-Christina Trautman, former workshop participant and brand new mama