FAMILY YOGA - A yoga class for the WHOLE FAMILY! A playful, open-ended class appropriate for any age, from babies to elementary age kids, teens, parents, grandparents; all are welcome! Classes will flow and change in the moment with our highly trained and experienced teachers effortlessly designing classes to the needs of the students present, and offering redirection when needed. Meditation + Movement + Fun = A much needed, end-of-day reset. *This is an inclusive offering! **Children under 10years old and anyone who needs additional support must attend with a parent, guardian, care provider or mentor.

ZEN-SATIONAL KIDS YOGA & DANCE - is a class for any child (ages 5-8) who would benefit from a bit more guidance, more time to process direction, more sensory awareness from their teacher, etc. Classes will start with some yoga poses and stretches, move into some creative movement games & exercises, and end with calming, breathing exercises (pranayama) and resting poses, so they leave with a calm body/mind. Sensory breaks are provided as needed in our quiet room where parents are also welcome to stay and watch through our two way mirror. 

ZEN-SATIONAL KIDS SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS - Regular, rotating 8 week series for 3-5 yr olds, 5-8 yr olds or 8-10 yr olds, with the goal of both educating and allowing children to experience what healthy relationship-building looks like. Developed for verbal children (ie. we use language, stories, verbal instruction to lead & teach); groups will focus on social communication and behavior to build functional social skills, enhance interaction skills among peers, and provide opportunities for participation in structured group activities as well as everyday situations.
Created and overseen by Debra Jablonski, MS, CCC-SLP, with input from Ready Set GROW founder Daniele Strawmyre, each session is led by either Debra, or Megan Knight, MS, CCC-SLP and Holly Leder MS, CCC-SLP, and ends with a short movement or yoga based activity that correlates to the primary objective of the lesson, helping children to integrate more fully the concepts explored, and leave with a “calm body” and “calm mind”. *These series run whenever there is a group of 4-6 children. Please email if interested in registering your child.