Movement Education

for Growing Families


increase your body intelligence so you can feel confident and strong while you do

“all the things”!


Yoga, Dance, and Pilates-based classes for parents, parents-to-be, and the littles they love

in PORTLAND and southwest WAshington  


LOVED Daniele’s classes! I took her prenatal class after/during suffering from some severe hip issues while carrying my twins. She was so supportive, caring and FUNNY during class! She had such a great way of helping us all feel like everything we were going through was OK and incorporated support and emotional connection with yoga and movement!
— Diane Williams, Mom to Cooper and Madison


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Group Yoga Classes

Find Peace, Find Your Power, Find Your People

These classes are designed to provide women with a safe space to connect with their changing bodies as well as other moms and moms to be, connecting their experience to others in their community as well as tapping into the innate wisdom within.

In-Home Private Lessons


Serving the Portland and Vancouver Areas

Offering private lessons in-home for later pregnancy and early postpartum women, or for women who, for whatever reason, can't make it to a group class or otherwise feel like they would benefit from personalized instruction.