PRENATAL YOGA - This class is designed to provide women with a safe space to connect with their changing bodies as well as other moms to be, connecting their experience to others in their community as well as that of women throughout history, tapping into the innate wisdom within.
You will be guided through asana that prepares you for pregnancy, giving birth, and provides a foundation for postpartum recovery. It will help you cultivate a new awareness that will assist you through labor and delivery, and find a deeper connection with your growing baby. Interweaving childbirth education as well as addressing aches and pains associated with pregnancy, the class will help to strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, provide relief and comfort to the areas of the body most impacted by your growing belly.
Taught with a strong focus on alignment and a healthy dose of humor, these classes help you navigate your changing body and life with grace and acceptance.

PRENATAL YOGA FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR - This class will be a wellness space for those who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color to provide a community-oriented place for healing, growth, and support during pregnancy. Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit and Non-binary People of Color are welcome!

Please honor and respect our need to gather and hold space in community. Allies can support by sharing the class information with those who identify as BIPoC.
No one turned away for lack of funds.